Teacher for Senior High Class

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Ms Vini photo
English Teacher for Senior High Class

Ms. Vini

Hello dear students! My name is Vieny Andani Padmallah. My nickname is Miss Vini. I am a fresh graduate from UNDIKSHA, with a major in English Education.

I like to spend my quality time by doing some activities. For example, watching thriller and Science fiction movies, also reading animated comics, listening to the music, and playing & learning with kids. My favorite movie of all time is Harry Potter as the elements and digital effects amazed me!

I also like to spend most of my time with children as interacting with them is a fulfilling and wonderful experience. They look so precious and delightful as we watch our students mature in learning and studying. It is also fun to listen to their stories, express their feelings and emotions. I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge and skills in teaching to my students. Looking forward to meeting you all!